About Us

Heritage Builders Publishing was launched on July 1, 2009. Dr. Sherman Smith Our mission was to publish Christian books geared to help the family. Heritage Builders Family Nights Tool Chest was first introduced by Focus on the Family in the late 1990’s. Because of the success of those books, Dr. Sherman Smith and Dr. J Otis Ledbetter began a publishing venture by re-launching these titles and found them to be just as popular as ever. Family Nights are popular around the world.
Because of the successful growth over the past few years, Heritage Builders Publishing has incorporated on the “bubble” books that have a wholesome message but may not be classified as strictly Christian. This philosophy has allowed us to publish in a non-traditional way, and we are surprised at the high caliber of authors who have opted to publish with us versus the traditional and larger publishers. Heritage Builders’ list of authors reads like “Who’s Who in the World” in some genres featuring authors such as Stephen Cosgrove – one of the best selling Children’s books authors in history. In 2014, we will release The Legend of George Jones a riveting story replete with never before published anecdotes about the life of the King of Country Music and his career with his best friend and most famous songwriter, Earl Peanutt Montgomery. Author Charlene Montgomery tells the tales of the King’s marriages, births of his children, and the road to becoming a legend.
Heritage Builders Publishing is committed to producing books that will not only entertain our readers but will help them maintain a quality of life as we are foremost “distinctively Christian.” We may not be the largest publisher in the business, but we may be one of the best.
We sincerely hope you will find us to be everything you would expect from a top shelf publisher.

Dr. Sherman Smith
Managing Partner and CEO