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The Demons Within

The Demon Within Raquel AlemanRaquel Aleman was eight-years old when she began hearing voices and experiencing occasional manifestations of invisible entities. In her naiveté, Raquel believed that the voices were of God, and that He was trying to make friends with her, so she started having frequent conversations with him. It wasn’t until years later that she realized that the whole phenomena was not of God, but demonic.

Raquel Aleman is a missionary and a published author. The Demons Within, is about her roller coasterlife’s journey.

Raquel is currently finishing her seventh Christian children’s story.

Bizarre Bible Stories 2

Bizarre Bible Stories 2 Dr. Gene A GetzSimply put, author Dan Cooley’s Bizarre Bible Stories and Bizarre Bible Stories 2 utilize a vernacular, contemporary writing style intended to reach an audience of children and youth with solid Christian doctrine and practical application. The discussion questions interspersed throughout the text are thoughtfully designed to promote interaction between parents and their children on numerous topics of interest. Cooley’s books reflect his passion for providing spiritual food to children in a manner they can easily digest. His attention to detail is evident from cover to cover.

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SOS Song of the Sea Stephen Cosgrove

SOS, the Song of the Sea, is an amazing ecological fantasy written by award-winning children’s author Stephen Cosgrove. This is his first novel. SOS is wrapped in the magical premise that whales, dolphins, and other mammals of the sea communicate with one another. Critically, the history of their world is contained in the singing of a masterful song called the “Song of the Sea.” With the survival of Earth in the balance, there is a united call for an enclave gathering, a trial wherein mankind will be judged for its crimes against the sea.